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JxCapture 1.2 Release Notes

posted Nov 2, 2010, 7:36 AM by Unknown user

New Features:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) support
  • Added the showDesktop() method to the teamdev.jxdesktop.WindowManager class that allows showing desktop
  • Added the toFront() method to the teamdev.jxdesktop.ui.Window interface that allows setting specified window to front
  • Added the getIcon() method to the teamdev.jxdesktop.ui.Window interface that allows receiving window icon
  • Added functionality to the teamdev.jxdesktop.ui.Window interface that allows moving and resizing a window
  • Added teamdev.jxdesktop.Mouse class that allows listening all mouse events
  • Added teamdev.jxdesktop.Keyboard class that allows listening all keyboard events


  • Added the "Listening Mouse and Keyboard events" chapter in JxCapture Programmer's Guide
  • Added MouseListenerSample example
  • Added KeyboardListenerSample example


  • Fixed the issue when the Helper dialog box is not displayed during 'Region Screen Capture' operation (Mac OS X, JxCapture Demo)
  • Fixed the issues with hot-keys when JxCapture Viewer window is open (JxCapture Demo)
  • Fixed the issue with IncludeCursor option. Now it works for ActiveWindowCapture operation (Windows OS)
  • Fixed the issue with wrong cursor position on full screen rectangle capture (Windows OS)
  • Fixed the issue when JPG files are not displayed in the "Open File" dialog box (JxCapture Demo)
  • Fixed the issue when Cancel action isn't fired for ScreenObjectCapture operation
  • Fixed the issue when java.awt.event.MouseEvent cannot be cast to java.awt.event.MouseWheelEvent (Windows OS)
  • Fixed the issue when modificators are not recognized in keyboard events processing (Mac OS X)
  • Fixed the issue with black screen in Mac OS X when capturing a region (Mac OS X)


  • New JxCapture Settings dialog box for Mac OS X platform
  • Improvements and fixes.