Installation Instruction

The JxCapture library requires a valid license (teamdev.licenses) file for operations. You can request a fully-functional 30-day evaluation license or purchase a commercial license of JxCapture.

30-day evaluation license

When you request a 30-day evaluation license file, you get a license.jar file. This file will be located in the lib directory of JxCapture distribution package. You need to include this JAR into your application class path.

Commercial license

When you purchase a license file, you get two JARs: development.jar and runtime.jar. You just need to include one of these JAR into your application class path.

You need to use the development.jar to use JxCapture for development purposes.

The runtime.jar should be used when you distribute your software with JxCapture enclosed. For example you can include runtime.jar into class path of your application production version.

License Information

In order to get information about license that JxCapture could find you can use the "" system property. The following code demonstrates how to enable license info printing in your application.

System.setProperty("", "true");