JxCapture 2 Release Notes

Post date: Nov 02, 2010 2:38:7 PM

New Features:

    • Added audio recording features (WMV and AVI formats only);

    • Ability to get the collection of audio recording devices (in this version for Windows platforms only);

    • Ability to select an audio input device to enable video capture with sound;

    • Ability to specify a required audio codec and its settings;

    • Added video player Java component (Windows only) which allows to play a video file in Java application;

    • Added the ability to select audio source and audio codecs for recording (Demo application).


    • Added ability to specify video bit rate mode (VBR, CBR) for WMV;

    • Added ability to modify key frame interval for WMV;

    • Added support of new "Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile" (WVC1) video encoder.

Known limitations:

    • No support of 64-bit JRE on Mac OS X 10.6;

      • Solution in this case is to run JRE in 32-bit mode;

    • No audio recording for Mac OS X (planned to future versions);

    • No ability to select available audio recording devices on Mac OS X (planned to future versions);

    • There is no native video playback component on Mac OS X.