JxCapture 2 EA Release Notes

Post date: Nov 02, 2010 2:37:44 PM

New Features:

    • New API for Video capturing which allows:

      • Capturing different screen areas such as:

        • Desktop;

        • Full screen (effective for multi-monitor desktops);

        • Custom rectangular area (with possibility to change the location of the captured rectangle during video capturing);

        • Specified window (full or a rectangle on the specified window);

      • Capturing with or without mouse cursor (in Early Access for Windows platform only);

    • API for fast resizing of the captured snapshots (in Early Access only for Windows. Mac native resizing coming soon).

    • Various video encoding features allowing to specify programmatically:

      • Output video formats:

        • WMV, AVI for Windows platforms;

        • MP4, MOV for Mac OS X platforms;

        • Custom video formats on Windows platform. *Requires additional third-party codecs.

      • Output dimensions;

      • Framerate (except AVI format);

      • Bitrate (except AVI format).


    • Improved the performance of image capturing;

    • Improved the performance of conversion to Java images;

    • Improved API for capturing images.

Resolved Issues:

    • Resolved the GDI leak issues.